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cigarette-ash stained fingers

you see the world upside down...

Silvered Whispers
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The uncoordinated ramblings of an average girl that watches the world go by through others eyes.


This is a community for all of obsidianinks  and wednesday92p 's fanfics of tvxq. Both accounts are the same person- well, me notably. :) and if you like my works and style of writing, dont hesitate to join. All members who leave a comment will be treated to an equal dosage of moi's very own love, complete with jam-tart kisses and a steaming mug of hugs.

Lol, sound appetising?

I'm always more than happy to get to know my readers and you guys can add me on msn (bumsy_tay92@hotmail.com)


I'm a normal average girl that lives in a little red dot called Singapore. Half-eurasian and half-chinese, im a full-blooded Peranakan. o.O

Currently still slogging through student life and still dealing with all the trivialities that come with it. Nicotine and sleeping at godforsaken hours sum up my unhealthy lifestyle. The sun is my enemy that drags down at my mood. (weird, yes?) Night is when im most active, when the world is settling into its blankets, you can see me pottering around my house- snacking from the fridge, or creeping into the balcony to have a smoke and of course, typing furiously upon my laptop.

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